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    HKU and Tohoku University signed agreement on collaborations in Transformative AI and Robotics Technologies

    The University of Hong Kong signed an agreement with Tohoku University, Japan to collaborate on general academic exchange, as well as research of transformative artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics technologies. The partnership will transform and upgrade AI and robotics technology with the outstanding research and academic achievements of the two universities. This collaboration is aimed at opening up new technologies for the transformation of the manufacturing industry and of mega cities.

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    HKU and Tencent Finance Academy (Hong Kong) signed MoU to connect and nurture young FinTech talent in Hong Kong

    HKU signed a memorandum of understanding with Tencent Finance Academy (Hong Kong), under Tencent, to promote the development of FinTech in Hong Kong. By combining HKU’s outstanding academic foundation in FinTech with Tencent’s practical experience in the industry, the two parties will join hands in cultivating local FinTech talents and collaborating on FinTech-related research and development initiatives.