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    HKU Engineering team invents novel Direct Thermal Charging Cell for Converting low-grade waste heat to usable electricity

    Dr Tony Shien-Ping Feng of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and his team invented a Direct Thermal Charging Cell (DTCC) which can effectively convert heat to electricity, creating a huge potential to reduce greenhouse effects by capturing exhaust heat and cutting down primary energy wastage.

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    Advancing the virtual world

    Even before the notion of augmented reality became popular, engineering savvy Dr Henry Lau Ying-Kei of the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering had spent years researching the creation of virtual worlds. He is driven to continue his exploratory journey, knowing that much more await to be developed in the realm of VR and AI.

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    Big attempts at micro level

    While many regard studying samples under the lens of a microscope as a routine for scientists, new tools have emerged for researchers to carry out their work. A Professor in Mechanical Engineering, Professor Anderson Shum Ho-cheung conducts experiments by manipulating fluids microscopically, in what is known as microfluidics.