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Department of Civil Engineering

When the Faculty of Engineering was established in 1911, Civil engineering formed an important and popular part of a general engineering curriculum. The Department of Civil Engineering was officially established after World War II.  Over the years, civil engineering remains the pillar of engineering in Hong Kong with graduates from this Department responsible for many of the infra-structure projects in Hong Kong. The Department has a highly active postgraduate and research programme with currently over 40 Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy students carrying out coursework and research on a variety of topics. It is particularly well known for the research in finite element methods in engineering mechanics, and has been very successful in attracting external research funding, including a recent award from the Jockey Club of $25 million for the setting up a Jockey Club Research and Information Centre for Landslip Prevention and Land Development.

Head of Department of Civil Engineering

Wei Pan 潘巍

Head, Department of Civil Engineering
Professor in Construction Engineering and Management
Acting Executive Vice-President (Administration and Finance)
Executive Director of HKU Shenzhen Institute of Research and Innovation
Executive Director of Centre for Innovation in Construction and Infrastructure Development
BSc (Eng) Hunan; MSc Loughborough, PhD Loughborough; CEnv; MCIOB; FHEA; MHKIE


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Department of Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science, formerly known as Computer Studies in the Faculty of Science, was established in the Faculty of Engineering in 1988 as the youngest but fastest developing department in the Faculty. In addition to offering the most sought after undergraduate programmes in Computer Science, Financial Technology, and Data Science and Engineering, and taught postgraduate programmes in Computer Science, Electronic Commerce and Internet Computing, and Financial Technology and Data Analytics, the Department also nurtures future researchers via the Master/Doctor of Philosophy research postgraduate programmes and conducts cutting edge research in various fields including "AI, Robotics and Visual Computing", "Cyber Security, FinTech and Blockchain", "Data Science and Engineering", "Foundations of Computer Science" and "Systems and Networking".

Head of Department of Computer Science

Yi Ma 馬毅

Head, Department of Computer Science
Director & Chair Professor of Artificial Intelligence, HKU Musketeers Foundation Institute of Data Science
BEng Tsinghua; MEng Berkeley; MA Berkeley; PhD Berkeley; FIEEE; FACM; FSIAM

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Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Electrical & electronic engineering encompasses a wide spectrum of areas that form the bedrock of our modern society.  From inventing microscopic sensors that improve our living environment, to developing highly efficient computer systems that enable sophisticated artificial intelligent applications, to advancing clean energy production technologies that power our society to a sustainable future, the Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineers have been nurturing generations of engineers with a global vision through its BEng, MPhil, MSc, and PhD programs for over 60 years.

Kaibin Huang 黃凱斌

Head, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
BEng NUS; MEng NUS; PhD UT Austin; FIEEE

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Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

The Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering was established in 1973. Graduates have contributed to many success stories of Hong Kong either as  engineers, entrepreneurs or business leaders  in various sectors of the economy and society. The Department has the mission to offer the highest standards of teaching, research and scholarships in industrial, service, healthcare and logistics systems, and to provide expertise in the development of integrated technological  and business systems for the  advancement of the society.

Head of Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Ning Xi 席寧

Head, Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering
Chair Professor of Robotics and Automation
Director of Advanced Technologies Institute, HKU

DSc Washington; FIEEE

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Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is one of the important engineering disciplines in Hong Kong covering different areas such as electrical and mechanical services, building services and public utility services. Over the years, Mechanical Engineering graduates have been making important contributions to the industry and infrastructural development of Hong Kong. A number of its distinguished alumni became senior officials in government and famous leaders in industry, as well as academia. The Department conducts cutting edge research and innovative teaching in many important fields including aeronautical engineering, biomedical engineering, control & robotic, energy & environment, mechanics & materials, nanotechnology, product design & manufacture as well as thermo-fluids. It offers a BEng programme in mechanical engineering with various focuses, as well as Master and PhD programmes.

Head of Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mingxin Huang 黃明欣

Head, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Chair Professor of Materials Technology

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Biomedical Engineering Programme

Biomedical engineering (BME) has constantly been transforming advancing modern biomedical basic research and clinical practices – thus ultimately improving health and quality of life. Recognizing many opportunities and challenges ahead in this rapidly changing field, the BEng(BME) programme aims to train a new generation of biomedical engineers who can apply quantitative engineering analysis to understand the working principle of living systems, and tightly synergies with biomedical scientists/clinicians in order to design novel solutions that address unmet needs (and redefine the status-quo) in biomedicine, especially for healthy ageing.

BME Programme Director

Kevin K.M. Tsia 謝堅文

BME Programme Director


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