Graduate Studies Overview

Why study Engineering at the University of Hong Kong?

The Faculty of Engineering is not only a place that nurtures technology inventors and scientific pioneers. We educate and shape leaders.  We prepare global leaders to drive tomorrow’s technologies, to build our society and to advance our world. 

MPhil and PhD Degree Studies

MPhil and PhD candidates will undertake research studies in specific fields under supervision of their supervisors.  The results of the research will be presented in the form of a thesis, which will be examined by the end of the prescribed period of study to determine if the candidates have achieved the required standard to be awarded MPhil or PhD Degree.

A successful MPhil thesis should be able to show some originality of the candidate’s research, a sound understanding of the field of study and appropriate research methods.  A successful PhD thesis should be able to demonstrate an original contribution to knowledge by the candidate and worthy of publication.