Professional Preparation Programme

Professional Preparation Programme for Engineering Students

Professional Preparation Programme for Engineering Students (2021-22)

The Professional Preparation Programme (PPP) is jointly offered by the Faculty of Engineering and CEDARS – Careers and Placement. Over the years, the programme has been well received and we have had over 1400 students participated.

For this academic year, we are joining hands again to offer the Professional Preparation Programme to all undergraduates.


  • To prepare students for entering the job market
  • To enhance the employability of Engineering students
  • To improve students' overall competitiveness in the graduate job market
  • To develop more advanced career planning and interview skills to improve students' chances of success

Programme Schedule:




Delivery Mode

Summer Break

1.  CV & Cover Letter Writing and Interview Skills 

28 May 2022 (Sat)


via Zoom

2.  Career Planning : Job Search Strategies and Job Offers Evaluation

4 Jun 2022 (Sat)


via Zoom

3.  Workplace Etiquette and Effective Communication / Teamwork 11 Jun 2022 (Sat) 10:00am-1:00pm via Zoom


Registration is open to all BEng undergraduates until 9:00am, 25 May 2022 (Wednesday).   

Module Descriptions

  1. CV & Cover Letter Writing and Interview Skills (3 hours)
    The module aims to equip you with the techniques of writing impressive CV and cover letter in order to increase their competitiveness in their job application process. You will also learn what to do before, during and after interviews, how to answer common interview questions, and ways to prepare for interviews.
  2. Career Planning: Job Search Strategies and Job Offers Evaluation (3 hours)
    This module provides you with useful information for their career planning and how to decide what jobs suits your career choices. You will also learn how to make informed decision when considering a job offer by providing strategic guidelines ranging from choosing a job which best meets one’s needs, evaluating multiple job offers to the proper etiquette for declining a job offer.
  3. Workplace Etiquette and Effective Communication / Teamwork (3 hours)
    This module provides you with useful tips on essential working / office etiquette to establish better working relationships and experience in the workplace. You will learn the various communication styles and behaviours when working in teams, as well as how their communication style influences team members’ interactions.

Attendance Requirement and Policy

You are required to attend the enrolled module(s). You should therefore check your class schedule before enrolling.

If you cannot show up at any module due to urgent matters, you will need to send a brief email message with relevant proof to let us know why you cannot attend to show respect to the time and resources others spent on preparing for the workshop. The email can be sent to at least 3 working days prior to the module.

Important Notes

  1. Successful / Unsuccessful applicants will receive email notification from CEDARS by 27 May 2022 (Friday).
  2. A reminder email will be sent to successful registrants before each module. Stay tuned to our emails.
  3. Students will be required to
    (1) sign in the Zoom Meeting (with their FULL name);
    (2) complete an online feedback form after each module.
    These two together will form a complete attendance record. Please remember to do both.

Interested students please register via

Selected qualitative feedback of Professional Preparation Programme from Engineering students

  • The workshops provide comprehensive materials with detailed explanation.
  • The feedback by the instructors is very constructive and helpful.
  • The PPP enables us to understand the market and the job opportunities.
  • We learned how to deal with difficulties and turn it into an opportunitity to show our ability and strengths.
  • The PPP may teach us how to prepare for assessment centers of big companies.
  • Overall, the PPP workshop is satisfactory. The facilitators are really qualified and do well in leading us in the workshop. And the workshops have given us an all-round training of our capabilities in all aspects for job hunting and characteristics formation.