Undergraduate (Ug) programmes provide students with a broad-based engineering education and rich opportunities for experiential learning.

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As leading Engineering and Computer Science Curricula for Master's education, our Taught Postgraduate (TPg) curricula aim at providing advanced education and imparting up-to-date and cutting-edge knowledge to qualified students.

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Research Postgraduate

Our research postgraduate students are motivated and being ready to make a difference in Engineering and advance the world with knowledge, innovations and new discoveries.
The Faculty of Engineering seeks to benefit society by creating world-leading engineering knowledge that fosters sustainability, prosperity and resilience.
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Jun 24
“Quantum speedup in the identification of cause-effect relations”, a paper in Nature Communications
Professor Giulio Chiribella and Mr David Ebler of the Department of Computer Science published a paper...
Jun 24
Student achievements in worldwide competitions
Best ever result of Hong Kong teams at the 23rd AAIA Design Build Fly Competition in U.S.A. Team photo...
Jun 24
Staff News
Interim Vice-President and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Institutional Advancement) of HKU Professor Norman Tien...
Jun 19
Award in Research Achievements (Science and Technology) by Ministry of Education of China
Dr Kaibin Huang of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering co-authored a paper entitled...
Jun 16
Efficient nanofibrous membrane to filter heavy metals and bacteria
A research team led by Professor Tang Chuyang of the Department of Civil Engineering has invented an...
Jun 14
Partnership with TCL to set up “HKU-TCL Joint Research Centre for AI” Fostering research development in Artificial Intelligence (AI)
The Faculty of Science and Faculty of Engineering of the University of Hong Kong received HK$30 million...
Jun 5
The best ever result of Hong Kong teams at the 23rd AAIA Design Build Fly Competition in U.S.A.
The “Design, Build and Fly” Team of Department of Mechanical Engineering participated in the “23rd AIAA...
May 31
HKIE Scholarship 2018/19
Congratulations to Woo Chung-yu (BEng(Computer Science) Year 2) and Fung Cheuk-yiu (BEng(Mechanical...
May 28
Modularisation for Modernisation: A Strategy Paper Rethinking Hong Kong Construction
The Centre for Innovation in Construction & Infrastructure Development (CICID) of The University of...
May 26
“Dark-sky-friendly Lighting Fixture STEM Competition" to raise public awareness of the severe light pollution problem in Hong Kong
The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering jointly organised the "Dark-sky-friendly Lighting...