Message from the Dean

Professor David J Srolovitz

Welcome to the HKU Faculty of Engineering!

The Faculty of Engineering is one of the founding Faculties of HKU. Over the past century, the Faculty has nurtured engineering research and talent for the local and international communities, industries and the world of research. Our Faculty consists of world-class researchers and scholars representing a broad range of engineering and applied science. While each member of the Faculty is renowned for their individual, domain expertise, most are also involved in impactful, interdisciplinary research focussed on solving outstanding challenges for mankind - including “Clean Energy and Environment”, “Smart Systems” and “Health Technologies”. Our curriculum is specially designed to build a strong foundation in the basics yet cover such emerging areas including data science, artificial intelligence (A.I.), FinTech, advanced robotics, sustainable infrastructure and bio-nano materials.

As a Faculty, our core mission is to provide each student with the depth of knowledge and basic skills for his/her entire life, nurtured by opportunities to innovate now and pursue current passions. Our Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing and Innovation Academy, together with our interdisciplinary programmes are designed to enable and enrich our students’ academic adventure. We pursue many of these through close collaboration with our sister Faculties.

We are proud to have the deepest and strongest alumni base in Hong Kong. Our Faculty had groomed more than 40,000 professionals and industry leaders who are and have made their mark in Hong Kong and around the world. Our alumni continuously support the Faculty, not only through financial donations, but also by providing opportunities for our students to enrich their career development and acquire real world experience. The recently opened Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing, is an example of how a gift from the family of an alumnus has helped to enable the Faculty to facilitate our students pursuit of their dreams, enrich their HKU experience, and develop into the next generation of innovators for our community.

In the rapidly changing world, engineers play a pivotal role in developing technologies that enable positive societal impact and facilitate economic development. Here in Hong Kong, driving innovation and technology development is one of the highly prioritized endeavours of our Government. With increasing integration with China and rest of the World and with so many exciting new areas of science and technology, this is a time of unprecedented opportunity. It is our responsibility to provide solutions to rise to global challenges, to develop the next generation of leaders, to develop impactful technology and apply the rigorous training of our discipline for the benefit of humankind, for the world and for the sustainability of our planet.  

Professor David Srolovitz
Dean of Engineering
Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Chair of Materials Theory