Reunions & Homecomings

Reunions & Homecomingsr

The finale event of the centenary celebration, “Engineering Centenary Gala Dinner” took place at the Grand Hall of Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (New Wing) with over 130 tables filled with 1,500 guests, thanks to the overwhelming support from all the alumni, staffs, students and friends to make this memorable event a reality.

"For one thing is certain as we grow older: The few people who have truly passed through us and us through them, until the dreams, images, memories are past sorting out, these people become precious links to our continuity…if we try to bury the images of others who meant so much, past of us dies with them. How much greater our aliveness if we can come to a freestanding friendship with those who have shared us."
Gail Sheehy, from her book Passages