Impact Projects 2012-13

Impact Projects 2012-13

Lightning Analyzer for Everyone

Prof. Francis C.M. Lau Principal Investigator: Prof. Francis C.M. Lau ( Department of Computer Science )
Telephone: 2857-2170

Project Website:

Project Objectives:

To foster the public's interest in meteorological computing in which HKU Engineering is actively engaged, a Lightning Detector Design Competition is organized jointly with the Hong Kong Observatory and the Hong Kong Meteorological Society.

Project Description:

Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) has long been our partner in meteorological research. Following the footsteps of the Rain Gauge Design Competition, the Anemometer Design Competition, and the Visibility Measurement Method Design Competition successfully held in 2006, 2008, and 2012 respectively, we organize a Lightning Detector Design Competition in cooperation with HKO and the Hong Kong Meteorological Society.

Information related to lightning detection and measurement is shared in the project website to the public. Educational materials placed on the website linked with the Engineering Knowledge Exchange Portal allow participants and the public to access them any time, even after the competition ends. Workshops, tutorials and visits allow direct communication with primary and secondary school participants, which was shown to be popular according to our experience of similar competitions.

Target Deliverables in 2012/13:

  1. A website for dissemination of materials of lightning detection
  2. Link of the site from Engineering Knowledge Exchange Portal
  3. Organization of a Lightning Detector Design Competition for primary and secondary school students
  4. Media coverage of the competition

Accessibility technology solutions study for secondary schools

Dr. Vincent Lau

Principal Investigator: Dr. Vincent Lau ( Department of Computer Science )
Telephone: 2857-8460

Project Objectives:

We hope to build innovative technologies and engineering interest for HK secondary school, and increase awareness for secondary school students around inclusive communities.

Project Description:

The project aims to arise the interest of technologies and the awareness of inclusive communities, and inspire the students to think creative solutions to help people with physical disabilities (such as Visually/Hearing/Physical impaired) through technologies.

In past few years, we have developed various technologies around inclusive technology, we will share the works and research to school, inspire the students to think application of technologies for inclusive communities. Some of our work for student reference:

  • e-Guid system, using Low energy Bluetooth to guide the Blind about the location
  • Text4U, Blind can use iPhone to see and read the text
  • Quick text messaging and police call for Deaf
  • Eye ball tracking Android system for control electric appliance
  • Quickey, Accessible keyboard for physical disable

The project will publish a book around some accessibility solutions developed by us, and distribute to schools. We will hold seminars, workshops and competition for students to think further new solutions.

Target Deliverables in 2012/13:

  • March 7: HKBU College of International Education (seminar for 50 students)
  • March 26: Kei Long secondary school (Workshop for 40 students)
  • May 3: NLSI Lui Kwok Pat Fong College (Talk for 250 students)
  • May 23: OGCIO accessibility seminar (Talk for 100 impaired users)
  • May 25: HKU Mobile Learning Festival 2013(Talk for 50 teachers)
  • May 31: HKSB (Workshop on mobile technology for visually impaired, for 10)
  • June 22: Online Learning and Teaching Association OLTA (seminar for 40 teachers)
  • June 27: CNECLee i yao secondary school, Talk (Talk for 250 students)
  • June 28: BSccm Industrial Night Forum (Seminar for 100 students and youths)
  • July 2: Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Chang Ming Thien College (Workshop for 20)
  • Competition: over 60 submissions