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Recipients of Award

2023 - 2024

Applicant Speaker Lecture Topic
Dr Wendi LI

Professor Stephen Y. CHOU 
Princeton University, USA
(June 26, 2023)

Nanoimprint – A Key 21 Century Nanomanufacturing & Nanotechnology and iMOST – Nano-Enabled-Artificial Intelligence for Instant Mobile Health Test

Dr Jia PAN

Professor Abderrahmane KHEDDAR
French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), France 

Humanoids robotics: from design to real applications cases 
Dr Yifan PENG

Professor Brian A. WANDELL
Stanford University, USA

Advances in Simulation Technologies for Image Systems Engineering 

Professor Giulio CHIRIBELLA

Professor Dorit AHARONOV
Hebrew University, Israel 

The quantum computing revolution
Professor Tong ZHANG

Professor Mark van Loosdrecht
Delft University of Technology
(January 17, 2024)

Anticipating the next century of wastewater treatment: resource recovery and the blue economy 
Professor Kaibin HUANG

Professor Yonina ELDAR
Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel 

Communication and Sensing: From Compressed Sampling to Model-based Deep Learning

2020 - 2021 (Lectures postponed to 2023-2024)

Applicant Speaker Lecture Topic
Professor Kaibin HUANG

Professor Kin K. LEUNG
Imperial College, UK
(November 30, 2023)

Communication Networks: From Stochastic Models, to Optimization to Machine Learning

Professor Chuan WU

Professor Ness SHROFF
The Ohio State University, USA
(March 14, 2024)

AI-EDGE: Designing future XG networks

2019 - 2020

Applicant Speaker Lecture Topic
Professor Liqiu WANG

Professor Shu YANG
(August 5, 2021)

Bioinspired Adaptive Building Skins: From Nano- to Macroscales

Professor Kenneth Kin-Yip WONG Professor Hui CAO
(March 11, 2021)
Harnessing Disorder for Photonic Applications
Dr. Paddy K.L. CHAN Professor Jun TAKEYA
(September 25, 2019)
Physics, Materials and Applications of High-mobility Organic Semiconductors and Flexible Circuit Applications
Professor P.T. LAI Professor Chenming HU
(September 12, 2019)
Semiconductor - World Impact and Future Prospect
Dr CHEN J. Professor David PUI
(April 17, 2020) 
Filtration Solutions to Mitigate Coronavirus Aerosol and PM2.5 Pollutants

Applicant Speaker Lecture Topic
Professor T. Zhang  Professor Pedro J. Alvarez
(May 27, 2019)
Nanotechnology-Enabled Water Treatment: A Vision to Enable Decentralized Water Treatment and Address Growing Challenges of the Water Energy Nexus
Professor G. Chiribella
Professor Artur K. Ekert
(April 10, 2019)
Privacy for the paranoid ones - the ultimate limits of secrecy
Professor W.C.H. Choy Professor David Mitzi
(May 7, 2019)
High-performance thin-film photovoltaics: the search for an ideal solar absorber
Dr. Y. Lin Professor Boris Rubinsky
(December 3, 2018)
Engineering contributions to advances in life sciences and medicine
Professor L.Q. Wang Professor Joanna Aizenberg
(March 8, 2019)
Non-fouling medical devices: Slippery coatings that resist adhesion of biological matter
Dr. H.C. Shum Professor Thomas P. Russell
(December 18, 2018)
Structuring Liquids 

Applicant Speaker Lecture Topic
Dr. K Shih Professor James O. Leckie
(May 9, 2019)
Sustainable Urban Systems: Urbanization in the Era of Climate Change
Professor T Zhang
Professor Per Halkjaer Nielsen
(March 27, 2018)
Insights into the Function of Microbial Dark Matter in Environmental Biotechnology
Professor YZ Yu Professor David A. Forsyth
(November 23, 2017)
New Scenes by Decomposition and Reassembly
Professor GQ Huang Professor Gordon Cheng
(June 6, 2018)
AI in the real world: from neuroscience to robotic innovations
Dr. WD Li Professor L. Jay Guo
(July 20, 2017)
Color Our World With Photonics
Professor YC Leung Professor Jinyue Yan
(October 30, 2017)
Clean Energy Systems with High Renewable Energy Penetration
Professor R.Y.K. Kwok  Professor Julio Ottino
(April 16, 2018) 
Engineering Complex Systems and Complex Systems Engineering: Challenges and Opportunities

Applicant Speaker Lecture Topic
Professor Q.Z.Q. Yue Professor LIN Aiming
(August 3, 2017)
Fault strength and seismic rupture mechanism
Dr. G. Chiribella Professor Gilles Brassard
(April 26, 2017)
Cryptography in a Quantum World
Dr. Wu Chuan Professor Kien A. Hua
(December 12, 2016)
Surging Demand for Internet Bandwidth: Challenges and Opportunities
Dr. W. Choy Professor Eric Mazur
(March 24, 2017)
Less is More: A New Class of Optics with Zero Refractive Index for the Applications in Nanophotonics, Nonlinear Optics, and Quanum Entanglement
Dr. R.C. Roberts Professor Srinivas Tadigadapa
(September 19, 2016)
Resonators for Sensing Applications
Professor Ning Xi Professor Ho Chih-ming
(March 1, 2017)
Redefining the Drug Discovery Pathway - From Drug Candidate Search to Phenotypic Personalized Medicine (PPM)
Dr. K.L. Chan Professor Takao Someya
(November 16, 2016)
Bionic skins with ulraflexible organic devices

First Round

Applicant Speaker Lecture Topic
Professor Y Z Yu Professor Jean PONCE
(December 2, 2015)
Making Computers Understand Images and Videos with Little Supervision
Professor P Y S Cheung Professor Ruby B. LEE
(June 14, 2016)
Designing computers that are aware of security threats
Dr Tony S P Feng Professor Gang CHEN
(July 24, 2015)
Materials and Devices for Efficient Solar and Thermal Energy Utilization
Dr Anderson H C Shum Professor Howard STONE
(August 17, 2015)
Elementary channel flows with surprising responses: (i) Biofilms and flow and (ii) Trapping of bubbles in stagnation point flows

Second Round

Applicant Speaker Lecture Topic
Dr. T Zhang Professor James M. TIEDJE
(July 8, 2016)
Metagenomics: a crossroads of opportunity for environmental protection and management
Dr. Reynold Cheng Professor H.V. JAGADISH
(June 13, 2016)
Data Ethics: A Socio-Technical Framework for Doing Big Data Right
Dr. K K Y Wong Professor Andrew WEINER
(July 15, 2016)
Signal Processing at Light Speed: Ultrashort Optical Pulse Generation with Arbitrary Waveforms
Professor EX Wu Professor LIANG Zhi-Pei
(September 12, 2016)
Molecular Imaging Using Intrinsic MR Signals: A Path to High Resolution through Subspaces
Professor N. Tien Professor Arun MAJUMDAR
(September 1, 2017)
Options to Create a Sustainable Energy Future
Professor G Q Huang Professor David PARKES
(July 22, 2016)
Incentive Engineering: Getting to the Right Inputs
Professor L Q Wang Professor Lorente SYLVIE
(May 24, 2016)
The city: live organism with design and sustainability from principle
Professor James Lam Professor Jan MACIEJOWSKI
(November 28, 2016)
Modern control: making optimal decisions online
Dr Tony S P Feng Professor REN Zhifeng
(April 7, 2016)
High Performance Thermoelectric Materials and Superflexible transparent Conducors

Applicant Speaker Lecture Topic
Professor Y.K. Kwok Professor Albert Y. Zomaya
(January 29, 2015)
Environmentally Sustainable Distributed Computing Systems
Professor Y.Z. Yu Professor Irfan ESSA
(December 11, 2014)
Video Cameras Everywhere: Data-Driven Methods for Video Analysis and Enhancement
Prof A.H.W. Ngan Professor George M. Pharr
(October 29, 2014)
Smaller is Stronger? - Exploring the Strange New World of Small-Scale Mechanical Behavior with Nanoindentation
Dr W.C.H. Choy Professor Micheal Gratzel
(June 25, 2014)
Light energy harvesting and charge carrier collection in mesoscopic solar energy conversion systems

Applicant Speaker Lecture Topic
Prof Y.G. Li Professor Paul Linden
(July 9, 2014)
Fluid mechanics of sustainable building
Professor F. Chin Professor Gordon Cheng
(Mar 5, 2014)
Interaction between Humanoid Robotics and NeuroScience
Dr. M. Song Professor David Simchi-Levi
(Jan 3, 2014)
OM Research: From Problem Driven to Data Driven Research
Dr. Kaimin Shih Professor Alexandra Navrotsky
(Nov 25, 2013)
Energetics of Nanophase Oxides - Implications for Materials, Environmental, and Earth Science
Professor W.P. Wang Professor Ming C. Lin
(Nov 15, 2013)
Fast Visual Simulation of Complex Multiscale Phenomena
Professor Ed Wu Professor Jürgen Hennig
(Nov 18, 2013)
Visualize and Quantify Living Biological Systems: Present and Emerging Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologies
Professor G.Q. Huang Professor David John Williams
(Oct 16, 2013)
Healthcare Engineering: Making Regenerative Medicines
Professor D.Y.C. Leung Professor M. Mercedes Maroto-Valer
(Sep 26, 2013)
Meeting the Energy Challenge

Applicant Speaker Lecture Topic
Professor F. Chin Professor Avi Wigderson
(May 22, 2013)
The "P vs. NP" problem: efficient computation, Internet security, and the limits to human knowledge
Professor V.O.K. Li Professor Deborah Estrin
(May 29, 2013)
mHealth: Leveraging every day mobile phones to personalize healthcare
Dr. M.X. Huang Professor Jeff De Hosson
(Oct 24, 2012)
Metallic Muscles at work

Applicant Speaker Lecture Topic
Professor K.Y. Sze Professor Y.W. Mai
(Apr 19, 2012)
Exploring Reinforcements of Different Scales in Polymer Composites
Dr. H.C. Shum Mallinckrodt Professor David A. Weitz
(Jun 12, 2012)
Dripping, jetting, drops and wetting: the magic of microfluidics

Previous Recipients of Award