Clean Energy Systems with High Renewable Energy Penetration

William Mong Distinguished Lecture by Professor Jinyue Yan
Oct 30, 2017

Professor Jinyue Yan from Royal Institute of Technology & Malardalen University, Sweden, gave a lecture on October 30, 2017 titled “Clean Energy Systems with High Renewable Energy Penetration”.


Energy, or precisely, “Clean Energy”, is at the centre of a highly active and dynamic field, which changes and affects not only our current life, but also our near future. Due to the importance Clean Energy currently possesses and its transitive characteristics: research, development, implementation, innovation, market penetration of clean energy technologies and systems have expanded in recent course of time. Energy systems have been in transition, extending their boundaries beyond the energy systems themselves. One of the challenging issues is the intermittent power generation and mismatching of energy supply and demand over a time scale when high renewable energy penetration takes place. 
This calls for a new way to solve the challenging issues associated with new transitions of future clean energy systems with interdisciplinary and synthetic approach from not only the systematic overview, but also detailed components of clean energy systems. It needs to integrate the end-users load control with different energy saving approaches. It is location specific and highly tailored to serve its customers’ needs. This lecture addressed the transition of clean energy systems and illustrated, by an example, how an optimization solution can be achieved under the condition of high renewable energy penetration.