AI in the real world: from neuroscience to robotic innovations

William Mong Distinguished Lecture by Professor Gordon Cheng
Jun 6, 2018

Professor Gordon Cheng, Chair of Cognitive Systems , Founder and Director of Institute for Cognitive Systems (ICS) from Technical University of Munich, gave a lecture on June 6, 2018 (Wednesday) titled “AI in the real world: from neuroscience to robotic innovations”.

In recent time, we are witnessing huge investments across many sectors of smart innovations that connect to the real world. Artificial Intelligence techniques are being applied across many areas of R&D, they are impacting our society in a big way. This presentation gave several examples of such invocations working in the real world. Professor Cheng highlighted over 20 years of research, in particular, that combined robotics, neuroscience and artificial intelligence. The motivation and benefits of such interdisciplinary research were presented, ranging from industrial robots to healthcare robots.