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Applicant Collaborator Research Topic
Professor Dong Xu
and Dr Heming Cui
Professor Albert Zomaya Fast Decision-Making in Heterogeneous Edge Computing Systems
Professor Wallace Choy Professor Mingjian Yuan Perovskite Light Emitting Devices

2018 - 2019

Applicant Collaborator Research Topic
Dr. R.C.K. Cheng Professor Laure Berti-Equille OGC: On-demand Graph Cleaning
Professor W.C.H. Choy Professor Yanfa Yan Identifying the Limiting Factors for the Performance of All-Perovskite Tandem Solar Cells

Applicant Collaborator Research Topic
Dr. SP Feng  Dr. Sumita Pennathur
University of California, USA
Development of a unique 3D printed hollow microcantilever array for continuous glucose monitoring
 Dr. Y Chen Dr. Lan LI
Boise State University, USA
Low Dimensional Materials- by-Design for Electronic and Energy Applications

Applicant / Collaborator Project
Prof. B. Young / Dr. Tak Ming Chan (Incoming) Design of sustainable high performance steel structures
Prof. L.Q. Wang / Mallinckrodt Prof. David A. Weitz (Outgoing) Smart and High-Conductive Nanofluids

Applicant Collaborator Research Topic
Professor Min Wang Professor Kam W. Leong
Columbia University, USA
Gene Delivery Technologies and their Use in Medical Devices

Applicant / Collaborator Project
Dr. C.Y. Kwok Dr. O’SULLIVAN Catherine (Incoming) Micro Mechanics of Cyclic Soil Response
Dr. J. Yang / Dr. WANG Gonghui (Outgoing) Lessons from Recent Massive Earthquakes in Japan with Particular Reference to Seismic Design of Nuclear Facilities
Dr. C.K. Cheng / Professor AGRAWAL Divyakant (Incoming) An Uncertain Database System for Cloud Environments
Professor F.Y.L. Chin / Dr. YE Desi (Incoming) Bin Packing
Dr. M.Z.Q. Chen / Dr. YU Changbin (Incoming & Outgoing) Improved Consensus for Multi-agent Systems
Professor J. Lam / Dr. LAM H.K. (Outgoing) Stability Analysis and Control Synthesis of Fuzzy-Model-Based Control system

Applicant / Collaborator Project
Dr MX Huang / Dr Wei XU (Incoming) Effect of yield stress on martensitic transformation

Applicant Collaborator Research Topic
Professor Y.G. Li Professor Zhao Fu-yun
Wuhan University, China
Winds in a city with large water body and subtropical monsoon climate
Dr. Anderson Shum Dr. Alban Sauret
Zix-Marceille University, France
Liquid marbles: from manipulation of liquid interfaces to digital electro-microfluidics

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