Checklist for Graduands

Checklist for Graduands

Please take note of the following important dates and must-do tasks for graduands in order to get prepared for the Congregation.

Before the Congregation

Things to do When

Eligible Graduands are notified by email and by post to register their attendance at 208th Congregation on the Faculty website. Successfully registered Graduands for the Congregation will be arranged to be seated in the Grand Hall with seat numbers assigned.  The Ceremony in the Grand Hall this year will be held in two sessions.

Each attending Graduand can request for a maximum of TWO guest tickets. In view of the seating capacity and the need to observe pandemic prevention measures, only a limited number of guests will be seated in the Grand Hall, other guests will be seated separately to view the live broadcast in designated rooms close to the Grand Hall. Priority for guests to be seated in the Grand Hall will be given according to graduand’s registration date and time in the Congregation registration system. Online registration will start from 9:00 am on October 19 to 5:00 pm on November 2, 2022 (HK Time). 

(NOTE: late registration for joining the Congregation after the deadline will NOT be considered.)

Around Mid to late October

2. For Graduands who reside overseas, please pay attention to the travel/quarantine note from the HKSAR Government’s website: for the latest developments of the pandemic situation and quarantine measures in Hong Kong. Mid to late October
3. Eligible Graduands should borrow the academic dress (cap, hood and gown) from Victoria Uniform. Please visit the HKU Congregation website for more details. Mid October to early December
4. Please ensure you and your guests have installed the LeaveHomeSafe mobile application in the mobile phones for scanning the venue QR code when entering the campus.  The compliance of Vaccine Pass is also required for campus access.  Visitors can refer to the website of HKU COVID-19 Info Hub: for more details. Late November
5. Eligible Graduands will receive one Graduand ticket and in maximum two guest tickets (if you requested at the online registration), for joining the Congregation Ceremony together with the important notes and name card bearing your name, programme title and a designated QR code around one week before the Congregation. Eligible Graduands should read through the important notes before attending the Congregation. Around one week before the Congregation
6. Please ensure that you and your guests know how to get to the venue. Few days before the Congregation

On the day of Congregation

  Things to do

Graduands should bring with you to the Congregation 

(a) admission ticket (note: You will be seated in a seat specifically assigned to you. The admission ticket bears your seat number, which is allotted to you according to the order in which you will be presented for your conferring degree);

(b) name card bearing your name for calling your name on stage and a designated QR code for displaying your name on the livestream video; and

(c) full set of academic dress which includes cap, hood and gown (note: No spare academic dress or pins will be provided on-site. Before entering the Hall, you should already have had your gown and hood on. Graduands without proper academic dress will NOT be allowed to present on stage.)


Graduands should remind your guests to bring the admission tickets and mobile phones with LeaveHomeSafe mobile application installed upon entry to the venues.  Compliance of Vaccine Pass is also required for campus access. Failure to present the admission ticket and non-compliance with Vaccine Pass requirement will not be allowed to enter the venues.


Admission ticket for the Graduands should be presented at the venues upon entry. Failure to present admission ticket will NOT be allowed to enter the Grand Hall.

For the guests of Graduands attending the Ceremony, please also present the admission tickets upon entry to the venues. Failure to present admission ticket will NOT be allowed to enter the venues.

4. Graduands should arrive at the venue 45 minutes before the scheduled time of the Congregation to enable the Stage Marshalling Officer to brief you on the procedures to follow at the Congregation.
5. Formal attire should be strictly observed on the date of Congregation. Sports shoes, flip-flops, sandals, extremely high-heeled footwear, jeans, shorts and mini skirts should be avoided. Failure to observe formal attire will NOT be allowed to enter the Hall and go on the stage.
6. A photo of each Graduand is taken as they are on stage. The photographs taken at the Congregation will be available for you to download from the Faculty website after the Ceremony. The Faculty does not bear the responsibility in providing an individual portrait for each Graduand.
7. No drinks and food are allowed at any venues.
8. All participants should wear a face mask throughout the event.