Dr. Marian Choy

Dr. Marian ChoyDr. Marian Choy

BEng (Computer Engineering), University of New South Wales, Australia
PhD, University of New South Wales, Australia

Lecturer (Faculty of Engineering)

Office:      Room 528B, Haking Wong Building
Phone:     +852 2219-4812 
Fax:         +852 2546-9142


Marian is passionate in teaching. She regards this as a people's ministry with a mission to stimulate interest, encourage active learning, and at the same time bring in positive values. It is very challenging to meet, interact and learn with new students every semester. Without lowering the standard and quality, Marian is enthusiastic to try new things such as outcome-based approach to enhance teaching and learning activities. Although adjustments mean more effort and time, it is always encouraging to see improvement and meaningful work produced by the students.

Teaching Activities

  • ENGG1111 Computer Programming and Applications
  • ENGG1003, ENGG1004, ENGG1005 Mathematics I
  • MATH1851 Calculus and Ordinary Differential Equations

Research Interests

  • Computers in education
  • Adaptive technology
  • Image processing

Representative Research / Consultancy Projects

  • Resources and Strategies for Innovative Problem Based TLAs to Achieve ILOs in Problem Solving Courses with the Use of Computers
  • Towards Enhanced Assessment for Learning - Improving the Capabilities of a Programming Assignment Assessment System
  • Development of a Programming Assignment aSessment System (PASS)

Representative Publications

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