Faculty Exchange Programme 2019-2020

Faculty Exchange Programme 2019-2020

The Faculty encourages students to participate in the Faculty Exchange Programme and the HKU Worldwide Exchange Programme during their course of study, so that they can widen their horizons, expand their international exposure, enrich their learning experience and learn to appreciate different cultures, by studying abroad at prestigious engineering schools. Details of the Faculty Exchange Programme are as follows.

Application Procedures

Applications will commence on November 26, 2018. Interested students, despite having applied for the HKU Worldwide Undergraduate Student Exchange Programme 2019-2020, should submit the following online application form for the Faculty Exchange Programme 2019-2020 and supporting document(s), if applicable, to the Faculty Office of the Faculty of Engineering by 5:00 p.m. on FridayJanuary 4, 2019:

Faculty Exchange Programme Application Form:

Students should only apply through Faculty Exchange Programme for the institutions which are partners of both International Affairs Office (IAO) (HKUWW) and the Faculty Exchange Programme. Late or incomplete applications will NOT be accepted. Suitable candidates will be shortlisted and invited to attend an interview, if any, to be held in mid/late-January 2019 with individual notification by email in due course.

Notes to application

  1. Student Eligibility
  2. Host Institutions
  3. Course Selection
  4. Credit Transfer
  5. Leave of Absence
  6. Tuition Fee
  7. English Proficiency Test
  8. Exchange Scholarship and Financial Aids
  9. Selection Criteria
  10. Application Result
  11. Refund of Deposit
  12. Application to the Host Institution
  13. Timeline

1. Student Eligibility

All non-final year undergraduate students of BEng programmes in the year 2018-2019 are eligible to apply for the exchange programme. Application from students who have previously been or are going to be on exchange under the HKU Worldwide Undergraduate Exchange Programmes or any other student exchange programmes organized by other faculties or departments will NOT be considered. Please note that preference of outgoing exchange offers will be given in the following order:

  1. Third year BEng students
  2. Second year BEng students
  3. First year BEng students

2. Host Institutions

No. Institution Name Country
1 Technical University of Denmark Denmark
2 CentraleSupélec France
3 ECAM Lyon+
4 Technische Universität Darmstadt Germany
5Tohoku UniversityJapan 
6 National Chiao Tung University* Taiwan
7 University College London UK
8 Illinois (University of) at Urbana-Champaign USA

+ For students of Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering only.
* Colleges of Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering of the National Chiao Tung University.

Under the HKU Worldwide Undergraduate Student Exchange Programme (HKUWW), a list of host institutions available for 2019-2020 is provided. To facilitate students’ consideration of the host institution(s) under the HKUWW programme, students may refer to the database with host institutions which our BEng students have gone on exchange for reference.

Students are suggested to join Semester 2 exchange studies for institutions in Denmark, France, Germany and Taiwan in view of the different semester dates and calendar of these institutions.

3. Course Selection

Students are required to visit the website of the partner/host institutions for information on their courses on offer in a particular academic year. Please note that some courses offered by the host institution may not be opened to exchange students.

The host institutions reserve the rights to accept or reject students from enrolling in certain courses. Students concerned may be required to amend their course selection when they pursue their study at the host institution.

4. Credit Transfer

Students may apply for credit transfer for the credits they have obtained at the host institution during their exchange studies to fulfill their degree requirements of HKU, while granting of credits is subject to the completion and actual grade(s) achieved of the courses. Failed courses will not be accepted for the purpose of credit transfer application.  

Students may refer to the credit transfer database which covers the approved course mappings for credit transfer for reference. Please note that pre-approval for course mapping is still required even if there are equivalent course mappings in the database; and there is no guarantee that the courses listed in the database will be approved as the course content may differ at the time when you apply for pre-approval.

The maximum number of credits eligible for credit transfer for students participating in student exchange programme is 30 credits per semester, which is equivalent to 60 credits for the whole year of studies. Prior approval for course mapping MUST BE sought before the designated deadline. Please note that application can only be submitted once before the deadline and late application WILL NOT be considered. The application form for credit transfer for exchange studies can be downloaded from:

Students pursuing minor option or double degree programme should note the restrictions on their curriculum structure, and should seek advice and approval from respective department(s) / Faculties for credits to be granted for courses intended for fulfilling the requirement of the minor options or double degree programme.

5. Leave of Absence

Students who are selected for participating in exchange programme should apply for leave of absence by submitting the application form to the Faculty Office by July 31, 2019 (for first semester exchange), or by November 29, 2019 (for second semester exchange). The application form for the Leave of Absence can be downloaded from:

6. Tuition Fee

Students are required to pay full tuition fees to HKU, while exempted from paying tuition fees to the host institution (except for exchange programme at Princeton University. Please visit here for details).

7. English Proficiency Test

Students who are selected for university or faculty level exchange programmes are required to submit valid proof of English proficiency (e.g. IELTS or TOEFL) to the host institutions with their exchange applications.  Please be reminded to refer to the English language requirement(s) of the host institution(s) as the language requirement varies. Some of the institutions may require higher English language proficiency.

For students who have not taken any English language proficiency test, they must register for one of the tests immediately and report the test date to the Faculty. The IELTS or TOEFL result should be ready by mid-January 2019. The offer may be withdrawn if the test result cannot be provided with the application to the host institution.

8. Exchange Scholarship and Financial Aids

All eligible participants of the Faculty Exchange Programme in academic year 2019-2020 will be automatically considered for the Scholarship for Semester Exchange.  Please visit here for details.

The award scale of the Scholarship for 2019-2020 is as follows:

Programme Scholarships Type
HKU Worldwide Undergraduate Student Exchange Programme HKUWW Scholarship
(max HK$12,000/semester; HK$24,000/year)
Short-term Programmes Scholarships (for SAP)/ Allowance (for SAO)

Note: The value of the scholarships to be awarded depends on the country of the host institution.

Students who need financial assistance can approach the Centre of the Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS), if necessary. Details can be obtained from the website at

9. Selection Criteria

  • Academic standing (preferably with CGPA 3.0 or above)
  • Communication skills (in English for most institutions)
  • Personality and outlook
  • Capable of being a good ambassador of HKU and Hong Kong
  • Participation in extra-curricular activities
  • Study plan
  • Performance at the interview

10. Application Result

The application result will be announced in early February 2019.  Successful applicants are required to pay a refundable deposit of HK$2,000 upon acceptance of the offer.

11. Refund of Deposit

The deposit will be forfeited if you withdraw from the Faculty Exchange Programme after acceptance of offer.  It will be returned upon completion of the exchange programme and the submission of the exchange report to both IAO and the Faculty.

12. Application to the Host Institution

Successful applications will be notified by the Faculty Office to submit application documents as required by the host institution. Please also be reminded to pay attention to the entrance requirement(s) of respective host institutions.

13. Timeline

Nov 26, 2018 to 5:00p.m., Jan 4, 2019 Submit application
Mid/Late Jan 2019 Selection interview, if any
Mid Jan 2019 Deadline for submission of English language proficiency test result
Early Feb 2019 Announcement of result
Feb 2019 Accept offers
Mar 2019 Submit application to host institution* (for first semester exchange)
Before Jul 31, 2019 Submit application of leave of absence and credit transfer
(for first semester exchange)
Sep 2019 Submit application to host institution* (for second semester exchange)
Before Nov 29, 2019 Submit application of leave of absence and credit transfer
(for second semester exchange)
Sep 2019 to Jun 2020 Exchange studies
Return from exchange Submit official transcript for credit transfer
Submit exchange reports to IAO and the Faculty

* Please refer to the application deadline of respective host institutions.

14. Enquiries

Please contact the Faculty Office for any enquiries:
Telephone: 3917-2803