Student achievement

Apr 26, 2024

CITADEL Asia Datathon 2024

Two students from the Department of Computer Science won the 1st runner-up in the CITADEL Asia Datathon 2024, a 6-days data science and statistics competition.


Team members:

Shah Jahan Ishaq (BEng (CompSc), Y2)

Dorjderem Namsraijav (BEng (CompSc), Y2)

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Algo Trading Challenge 2023-24

HKU Team "AlphaOmega Capital" won the Best Return Champion and the First Runner-up of the Best Strategy Design Award at the Algo Trading Challenge 2023-24. 

Team members:

Karina Nathalie (BEng(CompSc), Year 2)

Eliza Lesmana (BEng(CompSc), Year 2)

Damario Tanael Djoenaidi (BBA(BA), Year 2)

Ari Delon David Winayu (BFin(AMPB), Year 1)

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