William Mong Distinguished Lecture: AI-EDGE: Designing future XG networks

Mar 26, 2024

Professor Ness B. Shroff of the Ohio State University delivered the William Mong Distinguished Lecture titled “AI-EDGE: Designing future XG networks” on March 14, 2024 at Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing Two, G/F Run Run Shaw Building, The University of Hong Kong. The talk was facilitated by Professor Chuan Wu of the Department of Computer Science.

During the lecture, Professor Shroff shared his view of the integration of networking and AI to design unconventional edge networks. He also provided an overview of the AI EDGE Institute's research directions and a captivating case study on caching which will demonstrate how machine learning can enhance network performance.

Professor Ness B. Shroff (right) and Professor David Srolovitz (left)


Professor Ness B. Shroff delivered the lecture

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