HKU Scholars in the Top 1% 2023

Jan 30, 2024

This list recognises HKU researchers ranked by Clarivate Analytics in the top 1% worldwide by citations in at least one of the 22 research fields. Data is drawn from Essential Science Indicators (ESI). Among the 167 HKU scholars on the list for the year 2023, 37 (22.15%) are from the Faculty of Engineering:

Department of Civil Engineering:
Professor X.Y. Li Professor S.C. Wong
Professor Wei Pan Professor J. Yang
Professor Kaimin Shih Dr Yang Zhe
Professor W.Y. Szeto Professor Tong Zhang
Professor Chuyang Tang  
Department of Computer Science:
Professor TW Lam Professor Chenshu Wu
Professor Ruibang Luo Professor Dong Xu
Professor Yi Ma  
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering:
Professor K. T. Chau Professor Victor O. K. Li
Professor Wallace C. H. Choy Professor Edith Ngai
Professor Yunhe Hou Professor Siew-Chong Tan
Professor Kaibin Huang Professor Yi Wang
Professor Chi Kwan Lee Professor Zhongrui Wang
Professor Can Li  
Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering:
Professor Ray Y. Zhong Professor Max Shen
Department of Mechanical Engineering:
Professor Y.H. Chen Professor Lance Lain-Jong Li
Professor Nicholas Xuanlai Fang Professor Yuguo Li
Professor Mingxin Huang Professor Yang Lu
Professor James Lam Professor Xiaobo Yin
Professor Dennis Y.C. Leung Professor Xiang Zhang