HKIE Scholarship 2023-2024

Jan 22, 2024

Congratulations to our two Engineering students for receiving The HKIE Scholarship. 

The HKIE Scholarship is awarded to Engineering students with outstanding academic performance and leadership ability. Each awardee will receive a certificate and a scholarship of HK$80,000 which is to be disbursed to the awardee in four installments (i.e. HK$ 20,000 per annum) throughout four academic years.

New award (HKIE Scholarship 2023-2024):

Miss Fung Tsoi Ying, BEng(CivE)

Renewal award (HKIE Scholarship 2022-2023):

Mr Sit Wun Fei, BEng(BME)

Miss Fung Tsoi Ying (right)

Mr Sit Wun Fei (right)