Recent events at Inno Wing Two and Innovation Academy

Dec 27, 2023


TechTalk is a series of forums and dialogues given by Engineering researchers of diverse academic backgrounds to share their insights on innovation-related topics.

Tam Wing Fan Inno Wing Two arranged seven TechTalks in November 2023, both virtually and physically. Here is the recap of the talks:

TechTalks Schedule:

Date: 2 November, 2023

Topic: Fluid Mechanics for Carbon Reduction in Wastewater Treatment Plants

Speaker: Professor Joseph Hun-wei Lee, Macau University of Science and Technology


Date: 3 November, 2023

Topic: Hong Kong Symposium: Sustainable Environment for the Greater Bay Area


Professor David Pui, University of Minnesota & The University of Hong Kong

Professor Hong He, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Professor Xiaoling Zhang, The University of Hong Kong

Professor Tao Wang, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Professor Yuguo Li, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Professor Alexis Lau, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Professor Alvin Lai, City University of Hong Kong

Dr Kevin Lau, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Date: 13 November, 2023

Topic: Live “Street View” of Intracellular Organelles’ Interactions

Speaker: Professor Dayong Jin, University of Technology Sydney


Date: 16 November, 2023

Topic: Waste to Wealth: Sustainable Land Reclamation Technologies

Speaker: Dr Fiona C.Y. Kwok, Department of Civil Engineering


Date: 23 November, 2023

Topic: Environmental Geomechanics: Towards a Minimised Chemical Footprint in Geo-energy Engineering

Speaker: Dr Manman Hu, Department of Civil Engineering


Date: 27 November, 2023

Topic: Doing the Right Thing for the Wrong Reason: How a Vision for Ubiquitous Computing Can Be Reconciled to Have Better Impact

Speaker: Professor Gregory Abowd, Northeastern University


Date: 28 November, 2023

Topic: Magneto-electric Dipole – Advanced Antenna Technology for a Smart World

Speaker: Professor Kwai Man Luk, City University of Hong Kong

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Innovation Academy workshop on advanced technologies

The workshops created opportunities for active exchange and learning for the advanced technologies and/or research outcomes from pioneering Engineering projects in the Faculty of Engineering.

Innovation Academy arranged three workshops in November 2023. Here is the recap of the workshops:


Date: 1 November, 2023

Topic: Programming and Electronics Beginner Workshop: Build Your IoT Smart Clock



Date: 4, 8, 9 & 11 November, 2023

Topic: From Ground to Air: Drone Building and Programming Workshop for Beginners


Date: 15 November, 2023

Topic: Journey into the Quantum World: Hands-on Workshop on Superconductivity and Quantum Levitation

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Inno Wing Carnival

Inno Wing Carnival was held on November 30, 2023 by Innovation Academy, Faculty of Engineering. It is an event for all members of the HKU community not only to gain a better understanding of the Innovation Wing, but also to know more about our student interest groups (SIGs) and the new initiatives supported by the Innovation Wing and Innovation Academy. It provides an opportunity for the student teams to showcase their projects in a fun and interactive way, to promote their projects and to foster collaboration.



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