Student achievement

Jul 28, 2023

Robocon 2023 competition


Supervised by Dr H.H. Cheung, Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering, our two student teams “Virtus” and “Sapientia” won three awards at The Robocon 2023 Hong Kong Contest among 14 competing teams from eight local tertiary institutions.

Team: Virtus

Awards: 1st runner-up and Best Performance Award

Team: Sapientia

Award: 2nd runner-up

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British Model Flying Association 2023 University and Schools Payload Challenges

Congratulations to our student teams, The Design, Build & Fly (DBF), of Department of Mechanical Engineering for winning two awards at the British Model Flying Association 2023 University and Schools Payload Challenges. The teams were supervised by Dr C.K. Chan of Department of Mechanical Engineering.

The competition was held by The British Model Flying Association in partnership with the Royal Aeronautical Society. Our student teams participated in the Quantity Challenge and Weight Challenge in June 2023 in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom. For the Quantity Challenge, competing teams were required to research, design, build and fly an electric-powered, radio-controlled aircraft, to transport the greatest number of 150 +/- 10mm diameter polystyrene spheres of mass 35 +/- 5g around a predetermined course in the three 6 minute time slots utilising a standardised propulsion unit. For the Weight Challenge, teams had to design and build a radio-controlled aircraft using the specified design and equipment parameters, capable of carrying the specified liquid payload. Among 24 teams from all over the world, our two DBF teams,  Team Majestic and Aquaflyer, won 4th place in these two challenges respectively.