William Mong Distinguished Lecture: Nanoimprint – a key 21st Century nanomanufacturing & nanotechnology and iMOST – Nano-enabled-artificial intelligence for instant mobile health test

Jul 27, 2023

Professor Stephen Y. Chou, Joseph C. Elgin Professor at Princeton University, founder of Nanonex and Essenlix Corporation and co-Founder of BioNano Genomics Inc., delivered the William Mong Distinguished Lecture titled “Nanoimprint – A Key 21 Century Nanomanufacturing & Nanotechnology and iMOST – Nano-Enabled-Artificial Intelligence for Instant Mobile Health Test” on June 26, 2023 at Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing Two, The University of Hong Kong. The talk was facilitated by Dr Wendi Li of Department of Mechanical Engineering.

During the lecture, Professor Chou shared his overview of the status and future of nanoimprint in research and industrialisation as the inventor of nanoimprint. He also introduced iMOST (instant Mobile Self-Test), a groundbreaking technology innovation providing instant mobile self-medical-diagnostic testing which had the potential to significantly impact the healthcare ecosystem and digital health.


Professor Chou was delivering the lecture


(from left) Professor David Srolovitz, Professor Stephen Y. Chou and Dr Wendi Li


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