Student achievement

Feb 22, 2023

Research Postgraduate Student Innovation Award 2022/23


Three Engineering PhD students won the Research Postgraduate Student Innovation Award 2022/23. The award was jointly established by the Graduate School and the Technology Transfer Office, The University of Hong Kong, which aimed to promote innovation and interdisciplinary research.

Awardees list:

Department of Computer Science

SUN Peize (primary supervisor: Dr Ping Luo)


Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

WONG Man Lai (primary supervisor: Professor Kevin K.M. Tsia)

ZHAO Yaping (primary Supervisor: Professor E.Y.M. Lam)


Microfluidic Award 2022

Two Engineering PhD researchers of Department of Mechanical Engineering received the Microfluidic Award 2022 by FLUIGENT in the category of New PhD researchers for their outstanding contributions.

Awardees list:

Dr Ye Tain (completed PhD studies in 2018)

Research topic: Photopyroelectric microfluidics


Dr Wei Li (completed PhD studies in 2021)

Research topic: Microfluidic Fabrication of Bioinspired Microfibers


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