Research funding

Feb 23, 2023

Our faculty members have achieved excellent results in the recent announcement by the Research Grants Council of the University Grant Committee on a number of competitive research funding schemes. The funded projects are as follows:


Collaborative Research Fund 2022/23

Project Coordinator: Professor Chuan Wu, Department of Computer Science

Project title: Automating Distributed Machine Learning: Algorithms and System Optimization


Project Coordinator: Professor A. H. W. Choi, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Project title: Development of a Monolithic GaN Electronic-Optoelectronic Platform


Project Coordinator: Professor Ning Xi, Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Project title: Transferable Programming Methods for Mobile Manipulator Task Planning


Research Impact Fund 2022/23

Project Coordinator: Dr Heming Cui, Department of Computer Science

Project title: MindPipe: High-performance and Carbon-efficient Four-dimensional Parallel Training System for Large AI Models