Staff achievements

Jul 26, 2022

Asia Smart App Awards 2021

HINCare, supervised by Professor Reynold Cheng of Department of Computer Science, received the Certificate of Merit in Asia Smart App Awards 2021 organised by Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry Association. The awarded app “GIVE: A Generic and Intelligent Volunteering Engine” was developed by the team of HINCare under the Social Technology and Research Laboratory (STAR Lab)


RECOMB 2022 Test-of-Time Award

The bioinformatics team from the Department of Computer Science received the prestigious "Test-of-Time Award" from one of the flagship conferences in computational biology - RECOMB 2022. The awarded conference paper was published in RECOMB in 2010.

Paper title:

IDBA-a practical iterative de Bruijn graph de novo assembler

Authors (Department of Computer Science):


Dr Henry C.M. LEUNG

Professor S.M. YIU

Emeritus Professor Francis Y.L. CHIN


For details of the paper, please visit: 


Faculty Knowledge Exchange Awards 2022

Dr Heming Cui, Department of Computer Science, had been selected for the Faculty Knowledge Exchange Award 2022 in recognition of his outstanding accomplishments achieved in his KE project named "UTEE: A Secure, Efficient, and Portable Distributed Bigdata Computing System on Heterogeneous Trusted Execution Devices".

UTEE (Ubiquitous Trusted Execution Environment) is a secure, easy-to-use, and high-performance distributed big data computing supporting system. UTEE can protect the confidentiality and integrity of plaintext queries in general big data computing software (e.g. Spark) against various malicious parties in clouds, including malicious code in high-privileged cloud management software (e.g., operating systems and virtual machines) and malicious cloud administrators. The UTEE project developed new programming language techniques and security protocols in order to automatically protect existing, readily mature big data queries written by the research and industrial communities using high-level programming languages (e.g., Java and Python), eliminating the need of modifying these queries.


Long Service Awards Presentation Ceremony 2022

The University of Hong Kong (HKU) held a Long Service Awards Presentation Ceremony in Loke Yew Hall on June 9, 2022. Professor Xiang Zhang, HKU President and Vice-Chancellor, officiated the ceremony and presented awards to long-serving staff members of the University.

13 recipients were from the Faculty of Engineering:


After 40 Years of Service

Ms Yeung, Mi Ha (Department of Industrial Manufacturing Systems Engineering)


After 35 Years of Service

Dr Choi, Shiu Hong (Department of Industrial Manufacturing Systems Engineering)

Mr Poon, Ngai Chung (Department of Civil Engineering)


After 25 Years of Service

Professor Chow, Kwok Wing (Department of Mechanical Engineering)

Professor Huang, Guo Quan (Department of Industrial Manufacturing Systems Engineering)

Professor Sze, Kam Yim (Department of Mechanical Engineering)

Professor Wang, Liqiu (Department of Mechanical Engineering)

Mr Koo, James Lap Chung (Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering)

Mr Ni, Chi Kuen (Department of Civil Engineering)

Mr Sam, Kit Ho (Department of Mechanical Engineering)


After 15 Years of Service

Professor Chesi, Graziano (Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering)

Professor Huang, Lixi (Department of Mechanical Engineering)

Ms Fung, Hoi Yin (Faculty of Engineering)