On-Demand, Direct Printing of Nanodiamonds at the Quantum Level

Mar 28, 2022

Dr Zhiqin Chu of Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Dr Ji Tae Kim of Department of Mechanical Engineering had worked on a research for the topic “On-Demand, Direct Printing of Nanodiamonds at the Quantum Level”. The research has been published by Advanced Science on February 14, 2022.


Details of the publication:

On-Demand, Direct Printing of Nanodiamonds at the Quantum Level

Zhaoyi Xu,Lingzhi Wang,Xiao Huan,Heekwon Lee,Jihyuk Yang,Zhiwen Zhou,Mojun Chen,Shiqi Hu,Yu Liu,Shien-Ping Feng,Tongtong Zhang,Feng Xu,Zhiqin Chu,Ji Tae Kim

Article in Advanced Science, Vol. 9, Issue 5, Article number: 2103598



The quantum defects in nanodiamonds, such as nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers, are emerging as a promising candidate for nanoscale sensing and imaging, and the controlled placement with respect to target locations is vital to their practical applications. Unfortunately, this prerequisite continues to suffer from coarse positioning accuracy, low throughput, and process complexity. Here, it is reported on direct, on-demand electrohydrodynamic printing of nanodiamonds containing NV centers with high precision control over quantity and position. After thorough characterizations of the printing conditions, it is shown that the number of printed nanodiamonds can be controlled at will, attaining the single-particle level precision. This printing approach, therefore, enables positioning NV center arrays with a controlled number directly on the universal substrate without any lithographic process. The approach is expected to pave the way toward new horizons not only for experimental quantum physics but also for the practical implementation of such quantum systems.