HKU engineering scholars achieved excellence results from Research Grants Council’s 2021/22 research funding schemes

Feb 25, 2022

Engineering scholars of The University of Hong Kong has achieved brilliant results in the recent announcement by the Research Grants Council of the University Grant Committee on a number of competitive peer-reviewed research funding schemes. The funded projects are as follows:

Collaborative Research Fund (CRF)
Project Title: Unveiling neural activities through spatiotemporally optimized multiphoton (STOMP) microscopy
Project Coordinator: Professor Kenneth K.Y. Wong
Department: Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering


Second CRF Covid-19 and NID Exercise Group Research Proposals
Project Title: A real-time monitoring and warning system for COVID-19 and influenza infection in building environment
Project Coordinator: Professor Yuguo Li  
Department: Department of Mechanical Engineering


Research Impact Fund
Project Title: Optical and computational technologies to combat microplastics and nanoplastics pollution
Project Coordinator: Professor Edmund Y.M. Lam
Department: Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering


Project Title: Trustworthy quantum gadgets for secure online communication
Project Coordinator: Professor Giulio Chiribella
Department: Department of Computer Science


National Natural Science Foundation of China / Research Grants Council Joint Research Scheme
Project Title: Automatic Understanding and Generation of Long Descriptive Text
Project Coordinator: Dr Kong Lingpeng
Department: Department of Computer Science