Student Achievements

Dec 30, 2019

“Student Innovation Prize” at the CIC Construction Innovation Award 2019


(From left) Zhang Zhiqian, Zheng Zhenjie, Wong Munon and Dr Wei Pan


A project titled “Augmented Reality and Computer Vision Integrated Construction Progress Monitoring and Control: A Case of Modular Integrated Construction” was awarded “Student Innovation Prize” at the Construction Industry Council’s Construction Innovation Award 2019. The project was conducted by Dr Zhiqian Zhang, Wong Munon and Zheng Zhenjie of the Department of Civil Engineering and was supervised by Dr Wei Pan and Dr S H Lee of HKU Centre for Innovation in Construction and Infrastructure Development.


Summary of the project:

Construction progress monitoring and control is one of the most significant tasks of construction management. However, current practices and tools mainly rely on manual checking and adjustment, which is labour-intensive and error-prone. To address these challenges, this project proposed an augmented reality (AR) and computer vision (CV) integrated approach with an aim to monitor the construction progress automatically and accurately.



Prizes at “Challenge Cup” National College Students’ Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Contest


"Digital electro-microfluidics platform for manipulating liquid marbles and its applications" developed by Zhang Yage and Fu Xiangyu of the Department of Mechanical Engineering was among the two Hong Kong teams who won a First class Prize at “Challenge Cup” National College Students’ Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Contest held at Beihang University, Beijing. In addition, "RoboCoach”, a project developed by a group of MSc students, won a Third class Prize in the contest.

“Challenge Cup” is a leading competition of curricular academic science and technology works for Chinese college students. Thirteen teams from universities in Hong Kong participated in the competition this year. Yage’s project provides a novel methodology to control the movement of the non-wetting droplets precisely and benefit applications, for instance, as micro-reactors on digital microfluidics platform for chemical and biological assays.

“RoboCoach” is an AI motion video analysis project developed by a group of MSc students, Carol Chen, Zhang Baoheng, Oliver Xu Ao and Electrical Engineering graduates Louis Chen of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Apart from winning a Third Class Prize in this competition, the team also won a bronze medal in the 5th China College Students’ “Internet Plus” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition held in Hangzhou.


Zhang Yage (middle) received the First Class Award at the award presentation ceremony on November 20, 2019.
“RoboCoach” team received the awards at the award presentation ceremony.