Congratulations to our students for receiving awards in competitions

Aug 21, 2018

Design, Build and Fly team wins the 3rd place at the British Model Flying Association Payload Challenge 5

From left to right: Team #1 (Lai Kin-yau Edwin, Lam Meng-jet, Lee Cheuk-yin Isaac, Cheung Man-ho, Cheung Hon-yui Ivan), Mr C K Leung (Pilot & Advisor), Dr C K Chan (Supervisor), Team #2 (Yeung Hui-laam, Wu Kit-man, Ng Ki, Yeung Po-man, Chan Shu-hin, Wan Cho-yu Charlie)


Two Design, Build and Fly (DBF) teams from Department of Mechanical Engineering participated in the Payload Challenge 5 organized by British Model Flying Association (BFMA) from 1 to 3 June 2018. The competition was taken place at in BMFA Buckminster and consisted of three rounds of competition in order to achieve the maximum payload to weight ratio. The teams had chances to exchange knowledge on design and building of RC plane with 16 teams from other top universities in Aeronautics through discussions and presentations. Eventually, DBF team #1 won the third place while team #2 achieved a sixth place.


EEE student receives Outstanding Electrical Power and Energy Engineering Student Award 2018

Gautama Brandon (left) and Professor K.T. Chau, Head of Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, HKU


Gautama Brandon, BEng(EE) Year 4 student, was awarded the “Grand Award” of the Outstanding Electrical Power and Energy Engineering Student Award 2018 by the IET Hong Kong with his outstanding academic performance and strong leadership ability demonstrated in his extra-curricular activities and community service .



ME PhD student wins the Champion of Young Persons’ Lecture Competition

Guo Lin (4th from left) receives Champion’s award certificate in the Young Persons’ Lecture Competition 2018 organized by the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (Hong Kong Branch).


Guo Lin, a Year 4 PhD student of Professor Min Wang of Department of Mechanical Engineering, won the Champion of Young Person’s Lecture Competition organized by the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (Hong Kong Branch). She gave a lecture entitled “Combating Cancers with a New Superweapon” which was based on her PhD research on advanced tissue engineering scaffolds incorporated with theranostics. She will represent Hong Kong to compete in the 2018 Young Persons’ World Lecture Competition which will be held in South Africa with full sponsorship.


Engineering teams shine in Young Engineers Programme 2017/18

HKU Team 1, comprises of Cheung Fung-mei, Shelton (LESCM), Cheung Ho-ming, Jacky (EE), Chow Ka-yan, Annie (LESCM), Chong Chung-hei, Anson (ME), Chan Pak-ming, Tommy (ME) and Chan Wai-hang, Lyndon (CivE), wins the 1st Runner-up in the competition.

HKU Team 3, comprises of Ho Chun-chi (IELM), Lau Siu-yuen (IELM), Nip Fung (IELM) and Yee Wai-lok (IELM), is the 2nd Runner-up of the competition.


Young Engineers Programms (YEP) is an annual flagship programme organized by the Manufacturing and Industrial (MI) Division of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers. The theme of this year was “Redesign Power Plant for Next Hundred Years”. After the first round of presentation on 24 March 2018, two teams from HKU were selected for the final round of presentation on 27 April 2018. Eventually, HKU Team 1 won the 1st Runner-up with their project “Hainan Wind+Tidal Power generation”, while HKU Team 3’s ““Smart Metering” to reduce power reserve margin” won the 2nd Runner-up in the competition.


Engineering students win prizes at “Challenge Cup” National Competition Hong Kong Regional Final

The “Challenge Cup” National Competition Hong Kong Regional Final – Hong Kong University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition 2018 was organised by the Hong Kong New Generation Cultural Association. This year, 560 students from 19 tertiary institutions submitted 188 projects for the two categories of the competition, namely “Innovation” and “Entrepreneurship”. HKU engineering students won prizes in different categories:

Awardee Project Categories Prize
Wang Rong (EEE) 通信抗幹擾技術:基於可分離型薄膜諧振器的請求式、阻帶可調型超寬帶天線 Innovation: Information and Technology Second-place Award
Fu Xiang-yu and Zhang Yage (ME) Digital electro-microfluidics platform for manipulating liquid marbles and its applications Innovation: Mathematics and Physics / Mechanics and Control Second-place Award
Lam Cheuk-him Michael (BME) Investigate pulse reading in traditional Chinese medicine using a wearable sensing device prototype and an ultrasound pulse wave imaging technique Innovation: Life Science Third-place Award


Wang Rong (left) wins a Second-place Award in the “Information and Technology” category.

Fu Xiang Yu (left) and Zhang Yage (middle) of Department of Mechanical Engineering win a Second-place Award under the category of “Mathematics and Physics / Mechanics and Control”.

Lam Cheuk-him Michael from BME wins the Third-place Award in the category of “Life Science”.


Winning project for 2018 HKXF FYP+ Supporting Scheme

Abdul Latif Motan Daniyal (5th from left at the back) attends the welcome gathering organized by Hong Kong X Foundation.


The final-year project of Abdul Latif Motan Daniyal, Medical Egineering student, has been selected as one of the 50 winning projects for this year's HKXF FYP+ Supporting Scheme. The FYP+ Supporting Scheme was launched by the Hong Kong X Foundation with the aim of providing local university students an opportunity to demonstrate their innovative talents and realize their creative dreams.