Medical Engineering student wins Silver Award at the ASM Technology Award 2018

Jul 23, 2018

Abdul Latif Motan Daniyal presents his project.

Abdul Latif Motan Daniyal, a Medical Engineering student, won a Silver Award of the ASM Technology Award 2018 with his outstanding and innovative project named “Development of a Novel Integrated Iuminaire System for Pediatric Tumor Surgeries”. The student was supervised by Mr. Stuart Moran, Dr. Kevin Tsia, and Dr. Kenneth K.Y. Wong. He was awarded a scholarship of HK$30,000 and will be invited to the Technology Tour to Munich, Germany organized by ASM Pacific Technology Limited in early December 2018.

For the sake of promoting technological innovation in Hong Kong, ASM Technology Award proposes to be a fertile soil for the growth of potential engineers. This year, ten project teams were nominated by five local institutions, including The Chinese University of Hong Kong, The City University of Hong Kong, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and The University of Hong Kong. The project teams were invited to present their projects to the Judging Panel on July 6, 2018. The award presentation ceremony was held on August 3, 2018. Dr. Kevin Tsia, Programme Director of Medical Engineering, attended and shared the joy with Daniyal.

Group photo