International Summer Interflow Programme on Artificial Intelligence at Tianjin University

Jul 22, 2018

Participants from HKU Engineering with Professor Christopher Chao and Dr Wilton Fok.


The 2018 International Summer Interflow Programme was jointly organized by the Faculty of Engineering of HKU and Tianjin University under the China 1000 Exchange Programme of the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. Twenty-one engineering students from HKU participated in the programme from 9 to 22 July 2018. With a theme of “Artificial Intelligence”, the programme not only provided students an opportunity to learn the practical knowledge on robot design and construction, but also allowed an interflow of cultural and university between Hong Kong and Tianjin.

Professor Christopher Chao, Dean of Engineering, officiated at the opening ceremony on 10 July 2018. Professor Chao thanked Tianjin University for organizing such an educational and eye-opening summer programme. He believed the new developments in Mainland China, such as Internet plus, Belt and Road initiatives, industrialization 4.0, Pearl River Delta Big Bay, etc., will provide a lot of opportunities for mainland and HK students to collaborate and create complementary and synergetic effect.

This is the fifth summer program jointly organized by the universities. In line with the theme of “Artificial Intelligence” this year, participants learnt how to make use of an AI chipset for voice recognition and implemented them in a robot car. Wu Sue, one of the participants from HKU, was very excited about making a voice control car. She is a student major in Computer Science and does not have much chances to play with those electronic chips. By exchanging ideas and knowledge with students from other majors, their team won the second place in the contest. She believed this was a great experience that they could learnt the skills and knowledge that were not familiar with.

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Professor Christopher Chao addresses in the opening ceremony.


Over 40 students from Tianjin University and HKU join the summer camp.


Over 40 students from Tianjin University and HKU join the summer camp.


They visit the Entrepreneurship center in the Free trade zone.


Wu Sue and her teammates during the contest.


Participants learn how to make a voice control car