HKU Mechanical Engineering students won in local and overseas competitions

Sep 20, 2017

The Department of Mechanical Engineering has a number of student teams participating in different international competitions this year. With their hardworking and innovative ideas, they were honorably received several awards.


ME students won championship in “Design, Build and Fly” Competition of the Aero Challenge 2017

In the “Design Build & Fly” competition of Aero Challenge 2017, the team, consisted of Darwing LI Kin-wing, Leo LO Kwun-yu, Stewart LEUNG Shu-wai and Hayden LI Hean-ting, successfully passed the quiz and built a paper plane in the one-day event. In this competition, participants were required to design, build and fly a rubberband-powered model plane with limited materials. The major challenge was to let the plane fly and land accurately as flying outside the game field was strictly prohibited. Hence, the controllability of the plane became the key to success. The outstanding performance of our team drew the attention from the judges and won the championship eventually.

The team won the championship.



ME team got 1st Runner-up of Best Design (Advanced Engine RC Plane Section) and the "Highest Payload" Award in the 2017 Taiwan Innovative Unmanned Aircraft Design Competition

There were over 100 teams from local universities in Taiwan and other countries competed in the Taiwan UAV Design Competition. The team consisted of Agrawal Siddharth Arunkumar, Chan Ka-ching, Mohammed Ibnul Alam, Ng Tin Fung, Suen Tik Hang, Ng Ka Lok, Lam Hei, Lee Kwok Yan, Poon Lok Yan, Tai Tsz Yeung, Tsui Ka Chun and Lo Kwun Yu, participated in the Advanced Engine Plane Design Section. In this competition, the team successfully accomplished two missions, a 10-minute payload mission and a bomb dropping to a one-meter circle mission. They got the highest score in the payload mission and won The Highest Payload Award as well as the 1st Runner-up in the Advanced Engine Plane Design Section.

Teammates were transferring the plane back to take off point during the 10 mins payload flight mission.


Team photo.



IMechE Team won 1st Runner-up in the IMechE Greater China Design Competition

A total of 8 student teams from Universities in Hong Kong and Mainland China joined the IMechE The Greater China Design Competition 2017. Participants were required to design an effective method of utilizing the potential energy available in the local mountain streams to lift the ore up from the bottom of an open pit mine. The simulation system must utilize the gravitational potential energy stored in the two liters of water. It was expected to lift as much simulated ore as possible and deposited into a receiving bin. The ore was simulated by grain rice. The major challenge was to complete the mission with a pure mechanical system. Our team (Ahmad Arshad Uppal, Choy Ching Man, Chu Ka Chun and Lam Wing Sze) had designed an adaptable system which was capable in optimizing for different mountain height. With a great presentation, our team won the 1st Runner-up Award in this competition.

The simulated ore of our IMechE team was moving up the ramp during the competition.


Group photo