Connecting HKU Engineering 2017

Aug 30, 2017

With a view to providing a platform for parents of the freshmen of BEng programmes to better understand the Faculty and the first year experience of new students, a sharing session – “Connecting HKU Engineering” – was held on 30 August 2017 at Grand Hall, Lee Shau Kee Lecture Centre. This year we had about 160 freshmen parents joining us. Parents were very enthusiastic to learn about students’ campus life, the Faculty’s laboratory facilities, as well as the unique experience and ample opportunities that lie ahead.

One of the programme highlights was sharing from guest, alumni and students. This year, we were honoured to have Ir Joseph Ma, Cognitive & Analytics Leader of IBM Global Business Services, to share his experience and vision with the audience. Ir Ma graduated from The University of Hong Kong in 2000 with a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. He then joined IBM Global Business Services and built a very successful career.  He shared how HKU Engineering helped his career development and gave advice on how students can stay competitive in the job market.

This was followed by a sharing from alumni Mr. Gary Tat and Mr. Max Ng and students Mr. Hayden Li and Miss Kasey Lin. They shared their experience in choosing majors, participation in extra-curricular activities, etc. 

To recall the delightful moments of the event, photographs are available for downloading here.