HKUEAA 41st Annual Dinner & Dance

Jan 24, 2017

The HKUEAA 41st Annual Dinner & Dance was held on Saturday, January 21, 2017 at the Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel. The theme “Fusion” reflects what H.K.U. Engineering Alumni Association and the Faculty have been doing in the past and will do in future.   We have been working closely to nurture and groom our engineering students and foster relationships between alumni and engineering professionals.

Three Computer Science MSc students, Mr. Laurence Yang, Mr.  Xie Jiaming, and Mr. Cui Tongxi, members of the “Faichun by Robot Arm” team, also joined the dinner.   They set up the robot to write Chinese New Year greetings using Chinese Calligraphy.  Visitors were drawn to the demonstration booth and they were given new year greetings written by the robot. 

From left: Prof. Francis Lau, Ir Alfred Chan, Dean Prof. Norman Tien, two MSc students

Faichun with Chinese New Year greetings written by the robot

From left: Mrs. Li, Prof. Victo Li, Prof. YC Cheng, Prof. Francis Lau, Mrs. Wendy Ma, Prof. Francis Au, Prof. Yuguo Li, Dr. SH Choi, Prof. Albert Kwan, Mrs. Kwan

From left: Three MSc students, Dr. May Chui, Dr. Wilton Fok, Dr. KC Cheung, Mrs. Cheung, Dr. Calvin Or, Ms. Blondie Ng

Front row (left to right): Mrs. Kwan, Dean Prof. Norman Tien, Mrs. Li, Prof. Victor Li, Prof. Albert Kwan, Ir Alex Kwan (HKUEAA Vice President)
Back row (left to right): Miss Nancy Cheung, Ms. Blondie Ng, Prof. Yuguo Li, Dr. SH Choi, Prof. Francis Au, Ir Dr. Joseph Chow (HKUEAA Honorary Life President), Prof. Francis Lau, Mrs. Wendy Ma, Dr. Wilton Fok, Dr. Calvin Or, Dr. May Chui, Dr. KC Cheung, Mrs. Cheung