HKU Taster @ Christmas 2016

Dec 28, 2016


100 Grade 10 students from top local and international schools participated in the HKU Taster@Christmas 2016 jointly organized by the Faculty of Engineering and the Admissions and Academic Liaison Section (AALS) on December 23, 2016. Participants joined the workshop “Build your own robotic car” under the guidance of the RoboCon team of the Faculty, and applied their science, mathematics and programming skills to build a robotic car which is capable of carrying out simple tasks through wireless remote control and simple codes. Students enjoyed the experience of solving real life problems from these hands-on activities through interesting group work. The activity proves to be a success in raising students’ interest in studying engineering in their senior school studies, and was highly rated by participants in their Facebook pages and the evaluation survey.


Harry Chan, currently S3 student, participated in HKU Taster@Christmas 2015, Easter 2016 and Christmas 2016, shares his experience and insights: