“Design, Build & Fly” team took part in the Taiwan Innovative Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle (UAV) Design Competition

by Prof. S T Tan and Dr. C K Chan, Mechanical Engineering
May 27, 2016

One of our HKU “Design Build and Fly” teams won the 1st runner-up at the Taiwan Innovative Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle (UAV) Design Competition 2016 on 18-20 March 2016. This international event was participated by over 50 rival teams coming from other universities all over the world. 

The Competition mainly consisted of three parts, namely design presentation, bomb dropping and payload flight . Teams were required to design, fabricate and demonstrate the flight capabilities of a radio controlled aircraft which can best meet the specified challenges. After dedicating over a half year’s preparation, two HKU teams arrived at the competition venue with their aircrafts (Wingspan over 2m) pieces unassembled. They presented their works and assembled their aircraft onsite.

Our two teams: Tangofly (飛航探戈) on the left and Arrow(飛箭)on the right

Despite very fierce competition, one of our teams, Tangofly (飛航探戈) was awarded the 1st runner-up in the electric motor aircraft design category. Its canard configuration was also awarded the best aerodynamic design award and the outstanding report award. The other HKU team, Arrow(飛箭)with its eye-catching flying wing design also performed very well and its internal bombing design stunned the crowd.  Apart from winning the awards and gaining a great deal of compliments, all our students fully enjoyed the experience to exchange their ideas and to build up friendship with their fellow students.