Contract research on ceramic matrix composite for 3D porcelain artwork

by Dr. S P Feng, Mechanical Engineering
Feb 15, 2016

A research team led by Dr. S P Feng and Dr. W D Li from the Department of Mechanical Engineering has received HK$1million for a contract research project entitled “Reinforcement and Direct Electroplating of Ceramic Matrix Composite”, which is funded by a local company, Ascending Star Limited (wholly-owned subsidiary of the New Asia Group Holdings Limited). The New Asia Group is currently focused on the modern design and new material in Chinese fine porcelain industry, and this project aims to support and promote the fundamental research of ceramic matrix composite and its potential application in the exquisite three-dimensional (3D) porcelain artwork.

The first objective of this research project is to improve the hardness and mechanical strength of ceramic products by adding small portion of nanomaterials, such as metal oxide nanoparticles, carbon nanotubes, and graphene. The improved hardness and mechanical strength would allow the company to design a modern 3D ceramic product with complicated shapes. Secondly, a direct electroplating method will be developed for a shiny gold/silver metallization on the non-conductive ceramic surface, which would be more cost-effective than the conventional methods. Upon this project, the enhanced strength of ceramic matrix composite will facilitate the exquisite design of the China art. Series of new 3D ceramic artworks are ready for mass production in the factory located in Jingdezhen, where is known as the capital of porcelain. The first collection is planned to be launched at the first flagship store in this summer. In the next stage, the company will cooperate with HKU research team to seek opportunities to develop a new manufacturing method, such as 3D printing technology, for a cost-effective mass production of fine porcelain art at high throughput.


From left to right: Dr. S.P. Feng, Dr. W.D. Li, Founder Mr. Chung and Director Mrs. Chung

3D ceramic artwork of pansy

3D ceramic artwork named "New Asia Wave"