Student achievements

Feb 25, 2022

2021 ICPC Asia Regional Contest at Shanghai


Three HKU student teams from the Department of Computer Science won 2 Gold Medals and 1 Honorable Mention in the Asia Regional Contest (Shanghai Site) of the International Collegiate Programming Contest. The contest conducted via online on November 27-28, 2021. Among the 668 teams participating in this contest, the top 35 were being awarded the Gold Medal. The two HKU teams were the only teams from Hong Kong that received Gold medals in this contest.

The three awarded teams are coached by Xie Hao, a Computer Science PhD Candidate who is under the supervision of Dr Hubert Chan.

Awarded teams:

Project team: "窮哥們琪琪"
Award: Gold Medal
Members: Wang Anzhe (BEng(CE) Year 2), Song Junkai (BEng(CS) Year 2) & Huang Maodian (BEng Year 1)

Project team: "今天必須取個隊名"
Award: Gold Medal
Members: Lyu Zhiheng (BEng(CS) Year 2), Liu Baicheng (BEng(CS) Year 2) & Yang Mingtian (BEng Year 1)

Project team: "你的OI基礎比我扎實!"
Award: Honorable Mention
Members: Hu Zhenwei (BEng(CS) Year 4), Chan Hiu Hei (BEng(CS) Year 4) & Liu Meitong (BEng Year 1)

Microfluidic Award 2021


Dr Zhou Chunmei from the Department of Mechanical Engineering received the FLUIGENT Microfluidic Award (PhD Students Category) for her outstanding PhD thesis entitled “Droplet Microfluidics: Aqueous Two-phase-system (ATPS) Droplets, Microparticles, and Artificial Micromotors”. Dr Zhou completed her PhD study in August 2021 under Professor L.Q. Wang’s supervision. The award sponsored by “FLUIGENT”, is to honor outstanding work on microfluidics that not only involve cutting-edge academic innovation, but also have a high prospect of industrial transformation and application.