Engineering Society, HKUSU

Engineering SocietyEngineering Society, HKUSU was established in 1913, is one of the oldest faculty -based societies in the University of Hong Kong. Working within The Hong Kong University Students’ Union (HKUSU), Engineering Society, HKUSU has always been an important part of what the faculty does. Apart from that, every Engineering student is a member of the Society.

Executive CommitteeExecutive Committee

The 105th Executive Committee of the Engineering Society, HKUSU in 2018.

Engineering Society Activities

Engineering Society, HKUSU acts as a bridge between all engineering students, the Society and the Faculty, collecting different opinions and expressing them to the University. The Society also aims at serving all members through diverse activities and comprehensive welfare. From its earliest days, the Society was instrumental in forging links with the industry and engineering professionals in Hong Kong.

Continuing this function today, Engineering Society, HKUSU organizes regular activities to members both for recreational and academic usage. The Society also maintains strong links with professional bodies such as the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers.

Engin' Soc Activities

Engineering Society Room

Engineering Society Room

The society room of Engineering Society is in Composite Building, LG101. Engineering students can enjoy their time and purchase society products in society room.