Overview of HKU BEng Programmes

The Faculty of Engineering offers comprehensive undergraduate engineering programmes for high caliber students, so that they can be equipped with professional knowledge and technical skills in engineering, to provide solutions to engineering problems that will change the world.

Core BEng Programmes [JS6963]

Common Year 1

Programme” Selection1 at End of Year 1

Year 5

for Double Degree students


1 There is a soft quota for each department; selection is based on Year 1’s academic performance.
2 Only Computer Science students have room for a second major.

BEng in Engineering Science Programme [JS6951]

Year 1

Major” Selection at End of Year 1

Years 2-4

Biomedical Engineering
Computing & Data Analytics
Energy Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Materials Engineering 

Declare 2nd Major and/or Minor(s)  before Year 4

BEng in Biomedical Engineering Programme [JS6925]

Year 1

Engineering Core Courses

Years 2-4

Majoring in Biomedical Engineering

Double Degree (BEng/BBA)

Year 5

for Double Degree students

Bachelor of Engineering (code 6963), Bachelor of Engineering in Engineering Science (code 6951) and Bachelor of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering (code 6925) are four-year broad-based, comprehensive and flexible engineering programmes.

  No. of Credits
  6963 6951 6925
University Requirements:
• Languages (Chinese and English)
• Common core courses
Faculty Requirements (Engineering Core Courses):
• Calculus and ordinary differential equations
• Linear algebra, probability and statistics
• Computer programming I
• Fundamental mechanics
• Electricity and electronics
• Engineers in the modern world
• Thermal sciences, hydrostatics and fluid dynamics or Computer programming II
Discipline Requirements:
• Discipline courses (including core, elective, capstone, internship, engineering training and free electives)
Total 240 240 240

Under the flexible structure, high-calibre students are allowed to pursue double-degree in BEng/BBA or minor options in a variety of disciplines.

Double-degree in BEng/BBA

Engineering students can pursue double-degree in BEng/BBA in addition to a choice from the 7 BEng and BEng(BME) programmes, provided that they meet the additional admission requirements.

Bachelor of Engineering   Bachelor of Business Administration
University and general Engineering courses  
University and Engineering discipline courses Study 9 business courses (54 credits) from 3 major options:
• Human Resource Management
• Marketing
• Wealth Management
Complete Engineering programme requirements and receive BEng degree  
  Study BBA on self-financing basis and receive BBA degree

Minor options

Students can opt for minor study in either another engineering discipline, or areas of study offered by other faculties. In general, students have to complete 36 to 48 credits (equivalent to 6 to 8 courses) in a minor in additional to their study in the BEng programme.

Offering Faculties Examples of Minor Options
Engineering Computer Science / Electrical and Electronic Engineering / Environmental Engineering / Geotechnical Engineering / Industrial Engineering and Logistics Management / Mechanical Engineering
Arts French / German / Japanese Culture / Korean Studies / Music / Spanish
Business and Economics Accounting / Economics / Finance / Human Resource Management / Information Systems / Marketing
Science Actuarial Studies / Chemistry / Computational & Financial Mathematics / Environmental Science / Mathematics / Physics / Risk Management / Statistics /
Social Sciences Geography / Journalism & Media Studies / Sociology


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