BEng in Industrial Engineering and Logistics Management [IELM]

What is Industrial Engineering and Logistics Management?

  • Apply engineering approach to managing industrial, logistics and financial operations
  • Maximize quality, productivity and sustainability through optimal deployment of 5Ms (men, machines, materials, methods, and money)
  • Manage product and service innovations and global supply chains
  • Develop professional skills for systematic problems solving
Men, Machines, Materials, Methods, Money
Industrial Engineering Logistics Management Financial Engineering
  • Quality management
  • Human factors engineering
  • Computer Integrated manufacturing
  • Systems modelling and simulation
  • Warehousing and terminal operations
  • Digital enterprises and e-commerce
  • Supply chain finance
  • Intelligent optimization
  • Financial engineering
Information systems
Statistical analysis
Project management
Engineering technology
Product development
Operational research
System automation
Engineering design
Business Analyst, Investment Analyst, Operations Analyst
Management Consultant, Management Analyst, Systems Analyst
Logistics and Transport
Planning Manager, Logistics Engineer, Project Engineer, Scheduling Engineer
Other Services and Manufacturing
Operations Manager, Quality Engineer/Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Director of Manufacturing, Process Design Engineer, Product Engineer, Production Engineer/Manager
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