BEng in Engineering Science - BEng(EngSc)

What is Engineering Science?

A unique science-based programme that aims at preparing future engineers and leaders of innovation who have the solid engineering skills and in-depth interdisciplinary knowledge needed to take on many of the global challenges that humankind faces.

To achieve the above, the programme features a flexible structure with five areas (majors) of concentration.

  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Computing & Data Analytics
  • Energy Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Materials Engineering

To meet the World's grand challenge in

  • Healthcare
  • Big data
  • Energy crisis
  • Environment preservation
  • New materials
A special programme of HKU Engineering
  • Most flexible programme in Engineering
  • Inter/Multi-disciplinary
  • Wide range of career prospects
  • To nurture future leaders of innovations

This programme adopts a major/minor structure in which students select one of the five majors, and then pursue a second major in one of the remaining four majors; or a second major and/or minor(s) offered by the Faculty of Engineering or other faculties, including Arts, Business and Economics, Science, and Social Sciences.

  1. Structural engineering, 
    e.g., analysis and design of concrete and steel structures
  2. Geotechnical engineering, 
    e.g., engineering geology, solid mechanics, foundation design
  3. Hydraulic and hydrology, 
    e.g., water cycle, flows in ducts and channels
  4. Environmental engineering, 
    e.g., wastewater treatment, solid waste management
  5. Construction engineering and management
  6. Transportation engineering

BEng(EngSc) Example

Examples of Study Mode

BEng(EngSc) Study Pattern
BEng(EngSc) Possible Careers

Example of Possible Careers

A major in Energy Engineering could lead to the following possible careers:

  • Energy auditor (the Buildings Energy Efficiency Ordinance has been in full operation since September 2012)
  • Energy consultant (numerous energy-related investments in China and Southeast Asia)
  • Energy engineer (HKIE has just set up the Energy Division)
  • Electrical engineer if having taken a Minor in EEE
  • Mechanical engineer if having taken a Minor in ME
  • Building services engineer if having taken a Minor in ME(BSE)


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