BEng in Biomedical Engineering

(jointly offered by Faculty of Engineering and LKS Faculty of Medicine)

Why Biomedical Engineering at HKU?

Biomedical engineering (BME) has constantly been playing an integral role in advancing modern biomedical basic research and clinical practices – thus ultimately improving health and quality of life. Recognizing many opportunities and challenges ahead in this rapidly changing field, our BEng(BME) programme (formerly known as the BEng in Medical Engineering) aims to train a new generation of biomedical engineers who can apply quantitative engineering analysis to understand the working principle of living systems, and design novel solutions to address unmet needs in biomedicine, especially for healthy ageing.


  • Basics & Fundamentals
    • Basic engineering principles & methods
    • Life sciences (biochemistry, cell biology & physiology)
  • Advanced level
    • Advanced biomedical signals and systems
    • Biomaterials and tissue engineering
    • Biomechanics and biotransport
    • Biomedical imaging technologies and applications
    • Omics technologies
    • Professional ethics

Further studies/academic research

BEng(MedE) Further Studies

Public and private sectors

  • work as scientists and engineers in hospitals and research institutions;
  • work as R&D/service/sales engineers specializing in medical, healthcare or sports equipment;
  • work as electronic/electrical or mechanical engineers; or
  • join numerous local and overseas research programmes in medical engineering or related areas.


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