BEng in Medical Engineering (jointly offered by Faculty of Engineering and LKS Faculty of Medicine)

What is Medical Engineering?

  • Also known as Biomedical Engineering
  • A multi-disciplinary field involving knowledge of engineeringbiochemistry and medicine.
  • Biomedical engineers integrate the engineering skills with medical sciences to advance the technologies for diagnosis and therapy in healthcare.

Real-world examples

Blood pressure monitors, X‐ray, MRI, ultrasound, endoscopes, and more…
Pacemakers, surgical lasers, artificial tissues, prosthetic limbs, and more….
BEng(MedE) Subject Areas
  • Basics & Fundamentals
    • Basic engineering principles & methods
    • Life sciences (biochemistry, physiology etc.)
  • Specialized track I
    • Bio-signal processing
    • Medical imaging
    • Medical devices & instrumentation
  • Specialized track II
    • Biomaterials
    • Biomechanics
    • Tissue engineering

Further studies/academic research

BEng(MedE) Further Studies

Public and private sectors

  • work as scientists and engineers in hospitals and research institutions;
  • work as R&D/service/sales engineers specializing in medical, healthcare or sports equipment;
  • work as electronic/electrical or mechanical engineers; or
  • join numerous local and overseas research programmes in medical engineering or related areas.


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