BEng in Computer Engineering

What is Computer Engineering?

The Computer Engineering programme prepares students for the multidisciplinary field of computer engineering, covering areas in software design, electronic system design, as well as hardware-software integration. It is jointly managed by the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and the Department of Computer Science. The two departments bring together rich resources, with many laboratories, substantial teaching and research facilities, and expertise in a diverse array of areas. Our students can enjoy the widest choice of courses, and have the chance to choose their specialization as they discover their real interest after joining the programme.

Data engineering

Big data processing / Pattern analysis / Machine intelligence

Want to predict what is the best restaurant on your route to a movie? Want to recommend your next year’s fashion to your potential customers? When used correctly, the enormous amount of data generated everyday around us can potentially provide us with out-of-the-world information that is otherwise unimaginable. Data engineers address the hardware-software challenges for next-generation systems that enable us to harvest, organize, store, process, and analyze big data.

Embedded Systems

Reconfigurable computing / Engergy-efficient computer architecture

From thermostat controller and intelligent rice cooker to network router and smartphones, embedded systems are all around us. With the coming era of Internet of things where all things small and big are connected through the Internet to form a cyber-physical system, our daily lives are set to become ever closer to embedded systems of all forms. Power, performance, reliability and security are going to be major design constraints in this unique class of computer systems.

Robotics and Control

Humanoid robots / Autonomous machines

Popularized by movies and science fictions, robots are now an indispensable part of our daily lives. While robots are deployed widely in manufacturing plants today, their roles in our lives are expected to significantly expand as new technologies in remote controlled and autonomous robots continue to develop. The study in robotics equips students with software and hardware foundations to meet the challenges in next-generation robotic developments.

  • Industry: Service and electrical industries, software companies, e-commerce companies, high-tech companies and the manufacturing sector;
  • Universities;
  • Government departments; 
  • Further Studies.


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