BEng in Computer Science

What is Computer Science?

  • Computer science is not just programming and study of computers, but rather is about problem solving – the study of algorithms and information representation to make productive use of computing technologies.
  • The discipline ranges from theoretical studies of computation to design and implementation of complex computer systems.
  • A young but fast growing discipline.
  • Having profound impact on the society and our daily lives.

Architectural free form structure designed using the concept of mesh parallelism

  • Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Computer Architecture
  • Computer Graphics
  • Computer Networks and Internet Technologies
  • Databases
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Intelligence Systems
  • Legal Aspect of Computing
  • Mobile and Game Application Development
  • Operating Systems
  • Programming and Programming Languages
  • Quantum Computing
  • Security and Cryptography
  • Software Engineering

Our graduates work as IT professionals in different sectors of the society, say banking & finance, the government, education and IT & telecommunication, etc. Many of them are now working in leading international companies, such as HSBC, UBS, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Thomson Reuters, Yahoo, and Oracle. Some of them even work abroad with big names in the IT industry, such as Apple and Google. Alternatively, they can pursue a master or doctoral degree in HK or overseas. Our graduates are welcome by institutions worldwide.

Employment situation of responded CS graduates in the past three years (2013-2015):

CS Career 2013-2015
  • Commerce & Industry (69%)
  • Educational Institutions (4%)
  • Further Studies (14%)
  • Other Sectors (13%)

Working as:

Systems Analyst, Technical Analyst, IT Officer, Project Officer, IT Specialist Trainee, Consulting Trainee, Programmer, Game Programmer, Mobile App Developer, Software Developer, Software Engineer, Network Engineer, Web Administrator, Web Developer, Technology Consultant, Co-Founder of new start-up, etc.


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